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ESTROSmart Testimonials


Tray-cee’s Story

About 5 or 6 years ago, my health started to deteriorate and it seemed like I was hitting a new low every day. My biggest issue was fatigue – regardless of how much I slept, I woke up feeling like I needed another 8 hours to function properly. Some mornings, I was so tired that I had to take a break from brushing my teeth to sit down and rest. I wanted to keep up with my children’s active lives but my body was too weak.

My symptoms were subtle yet persistent enough to disrupt my daily life: tingling sensations in my hands, cold feet, dizziness, adult acne / skin flareups, heavy periods, and chronic body pain. At one point, my pain was so bad that getting a hug from my kids was too taxing on my body. The only solution I could think of was to sleep through it all and forget. The last thing I wanted was to fall victim to the cycle of prescription drugs.

I was eventually diagnosed with fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism. It was around this time I started researching the Lorna brand.  Today, I’m following a natural regimen of THYROsmart, ESTROsmart, IRONsmart, and MAGsmart. I feel rejuvenated and my energy has multiplied! My hormones are balanced, and I feel amazing. I can now stand in my kitchen without pain and cook healthy meals for me and my children.

What do I want people to learn from my story? That it’s never too late to be healthy, and as 47-year-old mother of two, I am a living proof.

Miana’s Story

As a 19-year-old, I’ve got a lot going on (pageants, competitive volleyball, school, YouTube, and my job as a social media influencer). Amidst it all, I forgot to pay attention to myself and what matters most – my health. Once I saw how far my mom had come on her health journey, I wanted in.

To be honest, I had no idea I was iron deficient until I got the tests done. I was oblivious to all the symptoms I was experiencing, even my obsession with eating ice – one of the telltale signs of anemia. It was on my mom’s recommendation that I started IRONsmart.

Miana's Quote

Living in southwestern Ontario, my mother and I also lacked the Vitamin D we needed to be healthy. So, we started Vitamin D droplets for bone health and IMMUNOsmart to get us through the winter months.

The both of us have always felt a connection to natural health and with Lorna we found our perfect match. Thank you to each and every member of the Lorna team – you’ve truly helped us get our lives back.