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Perimenopause: The Hormone Havoc Years


For many women, perimenopause is a more challenging time than the menopausal years. In some women, hormones can start to shift as early as age 35; whereas other women do not experience hormone fluctuations until five years before menopause (the average onset of menopause is age 52). Prior to that, the relatively consistent up-and-down rhythm of hormones can start shifting as wildly as they did during puberty – estrogen becomes high, progesterone low, and at other times, there are steep increases and drops in estrogen.

During the perimenopausal years weight gain, breast tenderness or lumps (cysts), heavy or long periods, acne, mood changes (including PMS, which may not have been a problem in younger days), fatigue, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, problems staying asleep, thinning hair, occasional sweats at night, low libido, or fatigue, fibromyalgia or joint pain may occur.

The key to solving perimenopause problems is ESTROsmart. ESTROsmart contains plant and food nutrients designed to balance hormones naturally by controlling excess estrogen and enhancing low progesterone. Breast lumps and fibroids start shrinking, peri-menopausal acne and PMS disappear and periods are effortless. Women who take ESTROsmart for years before menopause tend to have few menopause symptoms.