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Precocious Puberty

According to medical texts, the average age for the beginning of sexual maturation for females is around age 11 with breast budding, and first menstruation occurs around age 13. For some girls, however, sexual maturation comes early and is considered precocious when the process begins before age eight. Remember, from the section on breast cancer, that early menstruation is a risk factor for breast cancer as well.


True precocious puberty involves the development of both the exterior and organ changes associated with adulthood, while pseudo-precocious puberty refers to changes in the outward appearance only. Breast development, pubic and underarm hair, changes in body odor and acne might develop. In many girls menstruation also occurs. An early growth spurt typically results in an early stopping of growth, and a shorter final height than anticipated in girls with precocious puberty. Girls who develop precocious puberty need to be continually monitored for low levels of thyroid hormones.


Sometimes a tumor or other abnormality in the pituitary or hypothalamus can cause the condition, but this only accounts for about 20 percent of the cases of precocious puberty in girls over the age of six. Low thyroid hormone levels may be another factor responsible for precocious puberty. Some doctors also theorize that low birth weight causes a rapid “catch-up phase” that triggers early puberty, while others suggest that North Americans are overeating and under-exercising, causing additional fat that stores estrogen. A 2002 study linked female obesity with the onset of early puberty. In North America, one in four children between the ages of two and five are obese. Diets lacking in fruits and vegetables also do not provide sufficient fiber, which is necessary for pulling excess estrogen from the body.

Complicating our internal hormonal environment are the numerous hormones that are injected into meat and become part of the dairy products that we feed our children. In addition, estrogen mimickers, technically known as xenoestrogens (pronounced zeno-estrogens) are found in everything from plastic toys to food to cleaning agents to medical supplies. Similar to estrogen in structure, these chemicals bind to estrogen receptor sites throughout the body and cause the same reactions as estrogen would. Young girls who are fascinated with sparkly make-up and perfumes are also exposed to xenoestrogens every time they play dress-up, as most cosmetic products contain estrogen-like compounds. Research is now linking certain chemicals to the development of early puberty in girls.

Diets high in processed foods and refined sugars congest the liver, the large intestine, the colon and the kidneys. With so many toxins to process, these organs cannot possibly neutralize additional estrogen mimickers in our bodies.


 Nutrients Dosage Action
ESTROsmart 2 capsules daily Stops healthy estrogen from converting into harmful forms of estrogen, detoxifies excess estrogen
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GLUCOsmart 1 capsule daily Normalizes insulin, restores hormone balance
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  • See Endometriosis and Breast Health for more information on how to eliminate xenoestrogens from the diet and household.
  • Avoid microwaving foods in plastic wrap as this leaches xenoestrogens into the food.
  • Eat a predominantly vegetarian diet with seven to ten servings of fresh produce daily and 25 g of fiber to help naturally eliminate estrogen. Girls who are brought up on a complete vegetarian diet begin their menstrual cycles later than those who eat a high meat or dairy product diet.
  • Consume only organically farmed meat, fish and produce to reduce the chemical burden in your body.
  • Include essential fatty acids from fish, flax, nuts and seeds.
  • Our children should take a multivitamin with minerals once they are weaned and throughout their lives.
  • Do not use bubble bath and personal care products that contain phthalates, parabens and other toxic chemicals.
  • Use cleaning products that are free from phthalates, parabens and other toxic chemicals.


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